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Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakfast Burritos

Every time we go to our little cabana at the lake, there are a few essentials on our shopping list: water, ice, beer, snack food, burgers/buns, and the stuff to make breakfast burritos.  Breakfast burritos are as regular at the lake as blazing sunsets and late nighting on the porch.  Usually either Andy or I- whoever is up first- goes to the outside refridgerator, pulls out the sausage (sometimes bacon), eggs, tortillas, cheese, and hot sauce and gets to work.  So far this summer, they have been a staple on Memorial Day, the "25th" Combination Birthday Party, and most recently, the Fourth of July.

Andy cooking breakfast on Memorial Day Weekend
The Friday night of the weekend of the 4th, Andy and I met my friends from college, Emily, Jennifer, and Elizabeth, along with Emily's new beau and a few others for dinner at Brownstone on West 7th.  We were hesitant at first because we had heard mixed reviews, but Brownstone turned out to be fantastic.  I had chicken stuffed chicken (which I'm working on finding a recipe for) and jalapeno grits- mm mmm! Afterwards, Andy and I went to the grocery store and headed out to the lake. 

Me, Elizabeth, Kelly, Jennifer
Katie and Emily
at dinner at Brownstone
On Saturday, the 2nd, our good friends Chris, Chelsea, Thomas, Will, Jessie, and Jake all joined us for some lake action.  Andy's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and adorable nephew, Greyson, and my parents all came out, too.  (Click here to read about Greyson's first birthday party back in May.)  We spent the day sporting our American flag bandanas, trying to repair our big float that had popped on a nail, and celebrating 'merica style. 

Andy, me, Chris, and Chelsea on the Fourth of July

On Sunday morning, the 3rd, came the first round of breakfast burritos.  We woke up sunburned, exhausted, and hungry.  Andy made the first batch, and his improvised egg seasoning turned out surprisingly well.  My parents, who had been at the Texas Rangers game the night before, came back out and rejoined us.  Again, we worked on repairing the float (yes, still, but this time the patches worked!) and spent the day floating on our smaller, yet unpopped, floats.  Andy grilled a pork tenderloin that my mom had been marinating, and it was delicious.  Throw it on a Hawaiian sweet roll and you have yourself a healthy version of a slider.

Slate, Thomas, me, Andy, and Jake representing in our American flag bandanas
On Monday morning, finally the 4th, came the second round of breakfast burritos.  I like to say that I think mine were better than Round 1/Andy's... but I'm probably a little partial.  My mom did argue, however, that since she wasn't there to judge both, she'd have to "guess that Andy's were better based on his pork tenderloin cooking abilities."  Ouch, thanks a lot, Mom!  Before hitting the lake, I made an altered version of Bethenny Frankel's Mock-a-Mole Guacamole, so look for that recipe coming soon, too!  My oldest friend, Keri, and her boyfriend Bradley came and picked us up on her boat to go play at Bradley's family's houses.  Of course, the one day we were out on the boat all day was the one day I didn't put on sunscreen.   Oops.

My oldest friend, Keri, and I met at the lake the May before Kindergarten started back in 1991! Please note the repaired float floating in the background.

That night, Thomas and his wife Natalie came back out, and my parents' friends Mike and Sondra and Melynda and her boyfriend, Tim, all joined, too.  The fireworks at Eagle Mountain are not to be missed, so we had all kinds of company arriving.  We had a huge dinner that night complete with all of our guests, plus all of the guests at my parents' friends, The Anthonys', cabana, too.

Greyson Westbrook enjoying his first lake adventure

After dinner, we watched the fireworks from the top of our two-story dock.  It was probably the longest fireworks show I have ever seen- a good 35 minutes (to the point where everyone was thinking 'Ok... is THIS going to be the finale? Nope, it's still going.  Gosh, we have work in the morning...'  Lastly, as is his tradition, my dad busted out sparklers for all of us.  In fact, he told my friends that they were "not allowed to leave until they had a sparkler."

Fireworks at Eagle Mountain Lake
It was really great being back with all of my loved friends and family this fourth.  Last year, I had just started my job, and I worked on the Fourth, but I more than made up for it this year.  So next time you have company for breakfast, or just want to whip up a healthy jump start to your morning, skip Whataburger taquitos and try one of these breakfast burritos- they're better for you and will definitely make for better memories than the drive thru line.

Breakfast Burritos
Carolyn Poirot
Servings: 10, Weight Watchers PointsPlus Value: 5, not including cheese

Eggs and Sausage

  • 1 lb reduced fat sausage
  • 1/4 c skim milk
  • 10 eggs
  • 10 tortillas
  • Shredded cheese, as/if desired
  • Hot sauce, as/if desired
  1. In a large skillet, brown sausage over stove top
  2. In a medium bowl, break eggs and mix yolk & whites with milk (milk is optional, but it does make your eggs fluffier)
  3. Pour eggs into skillet where sausage was browned (the grease from the sausage will be enough to keep the eggs from sticking to the skillet)
  4. Scramble eggs while mixing them with the sausage (I add a pinch of salt, pepper, and sometimes grilling spices to mine for more flavor)
  5. Warm tortillas 5 at a time (either in a tortilla warmer or wrapped in a paper towel) by microwaving for 30 seconds, flipping, and microwaving for another 20 seconds
  6.  Scoop sausage/egg mixture into a tortilla
  7. Top with desired cheese
  8. Top with desired hot sauce
Breakfast Burrito

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