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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday Cake Popcorn

The wreath I made for Charleigh Marie's nursery

My friends, Natalie and Thomas, who I have mentioned many times in previous blog entries, were expecting a baby girl, Charleigh Marie, on May 4, 2012.  I offered to help Natalie's sister, Lauren, throw a baby shower.  Lauren and Natalie's friend, Kara, had most of the shower covered, so she assigned me to party favors.  After seeing numerous cute baby shower posts on Pinterest for "_____ is about to pop!" pop-themed parties, we decided to go with that.  I had my friend, Michelle, make up some cute labels for both the party favors and the champagne bottles.  Michelle's labels for the champagne said, "Natalie is about to pop!" and the labels for the party favors said, "Thanks for popping by!"

"Thanks for POPPING by!"

I looked up recipes for creative popcorn, but I wasn't really pleased with any one in particular.  Again, in true Katherine in the Kitchen style, I took a recipe, and I made it my own.  "Birthday Cake Popcorn" was basically candied popcorn with an assortment of sprinkles mixed into it, but for Natalie's shower, I chose pink sprinkles for a baby girl.  The popcorn was sweet from the candy coating and salty and crunchy from the popcorn- one of those "M&M's and popcorn" or "fries dipped in milkshake" kind of tastes- you don't know why the contrasting flavors taste so good- they just do.

Itty bitty Charleigh!

Natalie and Thomas' Benbrook home was beautifully decorated for the shower, complete with modern decor and delicious food.  Natalie chose to have her guests bring their gifts unopened, so we could all see each of the presents- from the itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini to the wreath I made with a large "C" for Charleigh.

Welcome, Charleigh Marie! Harper's Bluebonnet Bakery Cake
I made this popcorn again for a staff meeting at work, but the meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.  Good thing, too, because there was a grand total of seven tornadoes that touched down in the metroplex that night.  I am the Birthday Coordinator for the unit, so I was bringing the March birthday cards and birthday treats to the meeting.  I took my ginormous bag of Birthday Cake Popcorn to my Intake and Inpatient co-workers, despite the weather, because God knows that I didn't want to be hunkered down in "the room in the most central area of my house with no windows" with a hugmongous bag of sugary goodness. Everyone absolutely loved it! I was asked for the recipe by six people, and my co-worker, Meredith, even claimed to have dreamt about it the next night.  That may be the best compliment that I've ever gotten about my food!
Andy and Charleigh

Making this stuff is MESSY.  You get it all over your hands, but it's not like I was complaining to have to lick the candy coating off of my fingers (when I was done of course!)  Because the coating gets so thick, you can't really drizzle it on the popcorn, so you have to just stick your hands in it, pick up some of the popcorn, and toss the popcorn with the coating.  Despite being super easy, like I said it is super messy, but would definitely be fun to make with kiddos.
Natalie is about to Pop party favors

So instead of just zapping a bag of popcorn in the microwave next time and dumping in a bag of M&Ms, try Birthday Cake Popcorn.  Just making it is deliciously fun, and it's a yummy snack to take to any celebration!

Birthday Cake Popcorn Strickland
Servings: 30
Birthday Cake Popcorn
  • 3 bags un-buttered/un-salted popcorn
  • 1 c vanilla candy wafers (available at Michael’s/Hobby Lobby in the cake decorating section)
  • 1 c vanilla cake mix (just the powder- don’t mix up the mix)
  • Small sugar sprinkles

1.       Pop popcorn in the microwave & allow to cool
2.       Melt wafers (about 1 min in microwave)
3.       Add cake mix to melted wafers & stir
4.       Melt wafers/cake mix another 10 secs
5.       Toss wafers/cake mix mixture with popcorn so popcorn has the sticky mixture all over it
6.       Sprinkle on sprinkles (the smaller sugar sprinkles work/stick best)
7.       Allow to dry

Keep on cookin’!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, it IS so yummy!! This recipe has been quite the hit with co-workers and friends. The recipe can even be seasonal- using different sprinkles for different holidays.