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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pork Roast (Crock Pot)

Me & Andy at Tillman's Roadhouse: NYE 2013
Last New Year's Eve, December 31, 2011, Andy and I went to Reata for dinner with a group of friends- read about our delicious Reata meal and our adventure to Brownstone for midnight toasting here.  This year, we met a group of friends at Tillman's Roadhouse.  In an effort to avoid driving on such a crazy night, my very generous parents picked us up from our house.  Our little makeshift taxi then picked up my oldest friend, Keri, and her new husband, Bradley, and then dropped us off at Tillman's.  (Thanks for saving us a $40 cab ride down to 7th Street, mom & dad!)  

Andy & me and Keri & Bradley met Ashley & Ryan (who we spent last New Year's Eve with, also), and our friends Cory, Rowe, & Kimberly.  Cory's boyfriend, Jeff, had to stay at work late, but Cory was a trooper and came out anyway.  At Tillman's, Andy ordered Pulled Pork Quesadillas for an appetizer, and
we split the Warm Spinach & Arugula Salad.  I had Maple-Wood Smoked Pork Chops, and Keri and I split a side of Roast Garlic Smashed Potatoes.  The potatoes were mashed, in fact, not smashed as in my Smashed Potatoes recipe, but they were still creamy & delicious.  As it turns out, Keri and I should have split the pork chops because we both only ate half of our plates! Live and learn.
Andy & me at Tillman's Roadhouse; NYE 2013

After dinner, we took some pictures on the patio, and headed over to Brownstone where we spent last New Year's.  Much to our dismay, Brownstone was closed, so we went to Pour House instead for midnight kisses and champagne toasting.

On New Year's Day I knew I wouldn't want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV, so I planned for two crock pot meals.  I got a new crock pot for Christmas, and I was eager to try it out.  Some of you readers may remember that I got a crock pot last year, which is true.  It was red and shiny and matched my other kitchen gadgets, but it didn't have a digital timer.  This is especially frustrating when something says "Cook on high for 5 hours" but 5 hours wasn't an option. Low for 8 or 10, high for 4 or 6. Ugh!

Ryan, Ashley, me, Andy, Kimberly, Rowe, Keri, Bradley, Cory
Tillman's, NYE 2012

Before leaving for our New Year's Eve celebrations, I had prepared my Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole and had it ready to go in the crock pot.  I also used my new (and completely awesome- kitchen gadget nerd alert!) immersion blender to prepare a marinade for Pork Roast.  It's SO much less work than a normal blender, and it gets sauces very well-blended.  All I had to do when we got home on New Year's Eve was put the Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole on the crock pot, punch in the time, and go to sleep.  It was hot and ready when we woke up! 

Keri & me at Tillman's Roadhouse, NYE 2013

After breakfast, I got the Pork Roast started, and, again, didn't have squat to do but sit on the couch, catch up on DVR'ed shows, and watch The Lord of the Rings (which Andy has me watching so we can go see The Hobbitt while it is still in theaters).  Here's the recipe for my Pork Roast.  It was so tender that it shredded with a fork in the crock pot, and the marinade would have made an amazing base for gravy, had we been having mashed potatoes.  Instead of bothering with mashed potatoes though, and in an effort to keep things simple, Andy baked us some Baked Potatoes.  It was the perfect comfort food with which to ring in 2013, and the perfect snuggly day on the couch to eat it!
Pork Roast (Crock Pot)
Servings: 4; Weight Watchers PointsPlus Value: 7

Pork Roast and Baked Potato
  • 2 lb pork sirloin 
  • 1 pouch Lipton Onion Soup Mix
  • 1 can of Campbell's Fat-Free Condensed Mushroom Soup (+1/2 can of water)
  • 3 c beef broth
  • 1 c mushrooms
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  1. Blend together the soup mix, condensed soup, water, beef broth, & mushrooms (I don't like whole mushrooms, so I make sure they're all chopped up)
  2. Place pork roast in crock-pot
  3. Cover roast with blended liquid mix
  4. Cook on low for 8-10 hours or high for 6-7 hours
Keep on cookin'!

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